The success of coding, reimbursement, and quality reporting under ICD-10 all depend on accurate physician documentation. ICD-10 Madeeasy Tool Offers subscription service for continued access to initiate and reinforce proficiency

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ICD10MadeEasy is a comprehensive ICD-10 coding tool designed and developed for US Healthcare Industry and is a one-stop solution for all of your ICD-10 coding needs

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About Us

ICD-10 Coders Academy is the nation's fastest-growing organization dedicated to enabling providers, facilities, and payers achieve a seamless transition to ICD-10 through awareness, professional training, certification, customized coding tools, software functionality testing, and other pioneering initiatives. Founded by ICD-10 experts, ICA is committed to developing qualified professionals to meet the demands of the US ICD-10 mandate. Our certification exams, online and proctored, serve as a benchmark in the field of ICD-10; assuring employers of an individual's knowledge and proficiency. Providing high standards of continuous professional development creates employee confidence and advances career prospects.

Within a short span, ICA has emerged as the fast-growing community of individuals and institutions that are dedicated to ICD-10 implementation. With over 2400+ members already, ICA is hopeful of delivering on its commitment of providing skilled manpower required for this biggest change in the healthcare revenue cycle management arena. In association with its corporate partners and corporate members, ICA is committed to provide excellent education and awareness that will prepare individuals to become professionals in the field of ICD-10.

Our vision is to become an organization of high standards dedicated to ICD-10 implementation and thereby provide a credible alternative for individuals and institutions looking for a cost-effective, yet quality conscious, approach.

Our mission is to make ICD-10 implementation affordable and easy for all.

Poised to be the best resource for ICD-10 implementation through game-changing solutions, our team of physicians, certified coders and billers, software professionals, volunteers, and the advisory board is committed to create innovative tools and resources for ICD-10 implementation. Comprising of experienced and knowledgeable HIM professionals, senior physicians, software consultants, our advisory board forms the foundation of our Academy.